What is MyDealerOnline?

MyDealerOnline is a wholesale to retail digital product that allows car dealers to broker auto auction inventory straight from their own websites. MyDealerOnline partners with auction houses and places a custom inventory feed directly onto subscribing dealers’ websites. Developed by Alteso, a company that provides technology and services for accelerating the auto remarketing industry, MyDealerOnline removes the guessing game from the wholesale car buying experience and enables dealers to “Sell Before You Buy.” MyDealerOnline provides auction houses and their consignors with a broader buyer base and car dealers with greater online inventory for direct consumer shopping.

Who are your current inventory suppliers?

MyDealerOnline offers both salvage and clean car inventory. We are constantly working to grow our inventory supplier base.

Insurance Auto Auction (IAA), Copart, Capital Auto Auction, Dealer Auto Auction, Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC), Carriage Trade, ADESA (for international dealers only), Impact, Auto Exchange (AIMS) and more.

Where do auctions get their vehicles?

Auctioneers obtain the vehicles they sell from many sources, including but not limited to:

  • Insurance companies
  • Dealer consignment
  • Financial service institutions
  • Rental vehicle agencies
  • Fleet management companies
  • National and independent physical auctions
  • Select franchised and independent dealerships


Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm EST
  • Sat & Sun: Closed


Vehicle Inventory

Can my customers see which auctions these vehicles come from?

No, there is nothing indicating where these vehicles come from. There is a disclaimer stating that the vehicle is not physically on the dealer’s lot and to contact the dealer for more information about how to obtain the vehicle.

What type of vehicles are listed on MyDealerOnline?

By default, MyDealerOnline subscribers are given access to both salvage and whole (clean) cars. However, dealers are able to customize what type of vehicles will be displayed on their website according to their own preferences. Dealers are able to specify additional vehicle filtering options such as, inventory supplier, make, model, year, mileage and more.

Do you offer other types of vehicles besides cars?

Yes, MyDealerOnline gives you access to cars, trucks, SUV, motorcycles, ATV, boats, tractor trailers and other vehicles directly from auctions in the U.S. and abroad.

Can I sell vehicles that I already have on my lot through MyDealerOnline?

Absolutely! Along with populating your website with auction vehicles, we offer you the option to upload all of the inventory you currently own. You can upload pictures of your vehicles and manage your inventory through your website dashboard.

How do I log into my site?

To log into your website simple type in your website URL and add "/ dealer" to the end of it. For example, "".

How do I purchase the vehicles on my site for my customers?

Dealers are provided with a link to contact the auction about a particular vehicle. The link is displayed only to the dealer and is not for direct customer use. This provides dealers the opportunity to bid on the vehicle or buy it now.

Since I am not in possession of the vehicles in my online inventory, how do I deliver the vehicle to my customer?

MyDealerOnline does not ship cars, but we highly recommend as the leading online vehicle transport matching service, offered to both the general public and registered members of select U.S. auction houses. can facilitate domestic and international transport of your vehicle by selecting the optimal carrier at competitive and guaranteed pricing. will match your vehicle transport needs with registered, insured, qualified and rated vehicle carriers. Each listing on your website contains a Haulmatch shipping calculator through which you can purchase shipping instantly. Alternately, you can go to or call +1-215-660-4004 or toll-free at 866-213-4966.

You may also hire a shipper/broker of your choice. Please note: to receive an accurate shipping quote, advise your broker that the vehicle to be transported is INOPERABLE (unless it is explicitly specified on our site that the vehicle "runs and drives").

International: When exporting a vehicle from the U.S., it is important to understand commercial, shipping and legal documentation and processes. As a convenience, we have provided a link to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website, which you can use as a reference - Again, can facilitate the transport of your vehicle from the origin to your country destination port, or to the U.S. exit port should you want your shipping agent to handle the ocean segment of the transport.


How do I make a profit?

Similar to the way you currently do, as you can add dealer fees and markups to the wholesale price of the vehicle.

How much of a markup do I have to charge in order to make a profit?

It is standard to include estimates for transportation, reconditioning, mechanical and body plus the net profit you wish to make per vehicle.

If a vehicle is up for bid at an auction - how can I sell without knowing the final price?

Along with the auction style pricing, some listings are pre-marketed with buy now prices. Additionally, there are a variety of resources with guidance on wholesale pricing (Manheim Marketing Report, Kelley Blue Book, NADA, VMR, etc). MyDealerOnline also provides an Edmund’s market value tool.


Is it legal to sell vehicles that I do not own?

Yes, there is a disclaimer for the additional inventory stating that it is not physically on the dealer’s lot and no guarantee can be made regarding their availability for sale but that the customer should contact the dealer to inquire how to get the pictured vehicle.

How do I know what kind of condition the auction vehicle is in just by looking at pictures?

Some vehicles will include condition reports. Dealers will also be given all of the information that the auction provides. MyDealerOnline does not provide a damage report or list of damages on the vehicles.


How can I customize the feed on my website?

There are filters in the user portal - year, make, body type, mileage, inventory provider, etc.

How are the vehicles displayed on my website

There are three options for displaying vehicles on your website: receive a brand new website provided by MDO, MDO inventory widget and API integration (coming soon).


How much does it cost?

MyDealerOnline is FREE of charge for vehicle suppliers. MyDealerOnline guarantees a mutually beneficial partnership that will provide vehicle suppliers with greater exposure to their inventory.

Can I choose which vehicles to list on MyDealerOnline’s platform?

Yes, suppliers are in complete control of the feed they provide to MyDealerOnline

Does the consumer have visibility to wholesale pricing?

No, MyDealerOnline does not enable dealers to display wholesale pricing.

Does the consumer know that the vehicle is not on the dealer's lot?

Yes, on each listing it is clearly stated that the vehicle is not located on the dealer’s lot.

Is MDO involved in the purchase of the vehicle?

No, MyDealerOnline is not involved in the purchase of the vehicle either from the auction to the dealer or from dealer to the consumer.