The concept

MyDealerOnline collects used (clean and salvage) cars from different institutional sellers (such as National and independent physical auctions, Financial service institutions, Rental vehicle agencies etc) and post it on used car dealer websites, allowing public to show their interest.

Let’s see, how does it impact:

Overview from Used Car Dealer side:

Dealer gets thousands of cars to show for his existing and potential customers on his website. Before, if the dealer didn’t have a particular car a potential customer was looking for, this customers left the website, dealer doesn’t get a chance to speak with the client and loose his money he invested into SEO and advertising. Now, using MyDealerOnline technology, he has a website where everybody would find something they were looking for.

Key features:

  • Zero cost for dramatic expanding offered inventory
  • Dealer can pre-sell the car before investing in it (lower “gambling” risk)
  • New potential customers will certainly find something they were looking for (increasing conversion rate)
  • Business workflow stays untouched: dealer buys vehicles directly from the seller, MyDealerOnline doesn’t step in the middle

Overview from Used Car Supplier side:

MyDealerOnline is a new defleeting solution, which doesn’t affect your traditional sales channels, but put itself on top, helping supplier to advertise it’s inventory to wide audience of retail consumers through net of dealers, signed up on MyDealerOnline platform.

Key features:

  • Upload as many cars as you want, even if they are the same it will not drop it’s price: audience is too wide
  • Sell not only the cars dealers think they would be able to sell easily, but the cars real people want to buy (in other words – ANY cars)
  • No efforts is necessary to start, just contacts us and we will find an integration solution (it could be direct integration or indirect – via some of existing institutional data provider we have already finished integration with)
  • No changes of current workflow is needed (dealers would buy exactly like they did before, but now their customers would tell them what and for what price they should buy)